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House cleaning is a task which can take many hours to complete and to get the desired result. But when you ask a professional to do this job for you, the job is done within an hour. Because they know the secrets of house cleaning and they know how to do it effectively. Zooming right through the task is what is needed in house cleaning. You can choose to hire a maid service or your own cleaning. If you want to do your house cleaning within budget, you have to know the secrets. So here are some cools secrets for you for an effective and efficient house cleaning.

Cleaning Dust

You can use a piece of cloth to clean the dust, but it will take a lot of time. You can save a lot of time if you use a feather duster. Feather dusters are really effective in cleaning dust, those are also efficient and budget friendly. Dusters can be used to clean those hard to reach areas. If house cleaning is your regular task, feather dusters are the right tool for you. Heavy dust buildup can make your home environment unhealthy. Using a vacuum cleaner is also a good idea if you want a faster house cleaning task. Vacuum cleaner will make your house cleaning a lot easier.

Cleaning Windows

Window cleaning is an important part of house cleaning. Window cleaning can be difficult if you don’t know how to do it effectively. Shiny windows will make your house look a lot better. I may not be possible to get the desired result with towel and window cleaner. If the windows are small you can use newspaper to clean the glass. Using paper ensures that there are no stains after cleaning. If the windows are larger, it is better to use a squeegee. Using this tool will save a lot of time for you. You can easily reach the dusty edge with squeegee.

Using Vacuum

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Using a vacuum cleaner instead of brooms of other cleaning material will cut the cleaning time in half. Vacuum cleaners are very effective for carpet cleaning. It will save a lot of time in your cleaning task. If your vacuum cleaners has a short cable, you might have to unplug and plug it a lots of time. It will add to your cleaning time. So choose a vacuum cleaner which has a long cable, you can also use an expansion cable for this purpose. A long vacuum cable will save your cleaning time.

Magic Eraser

Magic eraser are known to be very effective for house cleaning. These are called magic erasers as they will clean anything of your house. You can clean floor, ceiling or laminate with magic eraser. Magic erasers are very effective for cleaning stains from carpets.

So these are some few tricks behind effective house cleaning. You can seek professional help if you want to get quality house cleaning. Professional house cleaning service will provide quality cleaning service within a short time. You can get to know about different cleaning services available in your city.