House cleaning can be a bit difficult if you don’t have the necessary tools close to you. Cleaning is something you can do on your own. You don’t have to hire a professional for house cleaning. But you need to have all the essential equipment to clean your house. Regular house cleaning is very important to keep your environment safe and healthy for your children. House cleaning will require different types of tools to get the desired result from cleaning. These tools are inexpensive and you can buy those from any local shop. Here is a list of some of those tools you should own to clean your house


This is the most basic element for any kind of house cleaning. You may already have a sponge for other usage, but having a sponge for house cleaning is a must. A sponge is very effective in house cleaning as you have already seen. So you must have some sponges if you are thinking about regular house cleaning. There are different types of sponges in the market and all of those can be used while cleaning the house. Also remember to clean the sponge after the house cleaning process.


A effective house cleaning task will require white towels. You will find many different types of towels in the market of cotton and fiber. Any kind of hardware stores will keep white towels and those are relatively inexpensive. A towel is very handy while cleaning the house. Any kind of dust can be removed with a towel and you can also disinfect your house using that towel. Make sure you buy a towel of good quality so that last longer.

Spray Bottle

A spray is also very useful in house cleaning. You can buy a spray bottle from any hardware store or you can make one yourself. Making a spray bottle is quite simple, you will need a unused bottle and a spray pipe. Spraying water on hard to reach spot will soften the dust which can be removed with wiping. A spray is a must have cleaning tool for every house owner. You should have one if you are thinking about regular house cleaning.


You may already have lots of buckets in your house. But using a bucket for house cleaning only is the right approach. Make sure the bucket is easily movable while filled with water. A strong bucket is also recommended as it will last longer. A medium sized bucket can also be used to store your cleaning supplies. A bucket is an inexpensive house cleaning tool; you should have one.



This one is really important for a perfect cleaning of your house. There are many types of vacuum in the market. Vacuum keeps your floor dust free which helps to prevent allergy.

Above are some basic tools needed for a proper cleaning. There are others like brush, broom and squeegee which are also very important.  You should own all of these.