How to clean the window pane within a minute

window cleaning

There was a time when our houses used to be clean and tidy at all the time.Every corner of the house used to shine and it was difficult to find dirt there.

There was no tool back then, but there was time. In present days, women are also earning to meet the growing expenses and cleaning has all of a sudden has been pushed down in the priority list. Cleaning of the house is sometimes done to maintain the healthy lifestyle. But few corners remain untouched and Window Pane is the most common example of it.

Why you need to clean the window pane

The window panes are the most eye catching part of the house and dirt on it tarnish your image within minutes of time. Window panes are made up of glass and it easily catches the dust. But is it very difficult to clean it? Well certainly not but it needs a special approach to do it. If you use wet clothes then the glass catches the water drops and it looks hazy. On the other hand, dry clothes cannot clean the dirt properly. So is it wise to clean the pane with clothes? No, it is not. Here is the special approach to clear it properly in a very short time and less effort. read more