So here it is our first post. We are proud to be announcing this to be the first post on this blog. We are so happy and we want to share this happiness with all our readers.

We want to take the time to properly talk about ourselves, what we do for a living, how we cam about having this blog and and why we even started it in the first place.

So here it is.

We are a couple of room mates living in Toronto the big city of the Canada. We love writing and we both have full time jobs that we like, but we adore writing and talking about stuff!

We had a discussion one day with our friend whom was actually doing some renovations and cleaning for her place and she old us how long it took and her and what she did and how much it cost and we were surprised not to mention shocked!

We asked her why she has not researched the subject before her renovations and why she was not following a blog or someone recommendations and what she told me is she does not know of a good Canadian blog out there. The reason she wanted it to be Canadian is because most USA based blogs tend to be biased towards US companies and ways of working so we decided to change that and provide recommendations for Canadian based companies and Canadian based advise.

And since we love writing and love sharing experiences, we decided to start this blog and see where it goes!

Thats all…

So if you ever want to contact us and express your thoughts on subjects you want us to cover just send us an email at the contact here and learn more about us as well. SO lets gets started on this wonderful journey.