Top 3 street foods you can make at home

Street food is probably one of the best things when it comes to travelling. How else are you supposed to experience a foreign country up close? Street food is often viewed as more than just a quick snack. It’s a way of getting in contact with new and different cultures. However, the bad thing about street food is that you can’t always trust the vendors and that you definitely don’t have any guarantee when it comes to just how fresh their products are or how sanitary the environment they are made in. So here are some street foods that you can make at home with clean, fresh ingredients.


  1. Empanada

This is a traditional Argentinian dish and it’s usually served for breakfast. It’s basically a type of pastry which you can make either savory or sweet. The dough is usually made out of wheat flour, water, salt and some baking soda or yeast. You can also make it with milk instead of water. If you are going for a sweet taste, you can also add sugar and butter. You just have to cut the dough into squares and fill it up with anything from meat, cheese, jam, fresh fruits to vegetables and even melted chocolate. Once you’ve closed the dough pockets you only need to fry them then enjoy the most amazing pastry you’ve ever had.


  1. Shaworma

Now this is an oriental street food that is hard not to like. I’ve actually never met anyone who didn’t like shaworma. Although it may seem to have a lot of ingredients, it is actually pretty easy to make. Probably the most important ingredient is the pita, a type of flatbread also used for kebabs. So get your pita and coat it on one side with some garlic mayonnaise, or just garlic sauce. Start by adding bits of fried meat (any type of meat you want: chicken, lamb, pork, beef, it doesn’t really matter as long as it’s fried), French fries, tomatoes, pickles, olives, fresh cucumbers, fresh cabbage, carrots another layer of sauce. You can basically add anything you can think of. It goes great with any vegetable, any type of meat, any type of sauce, just go for it, especially if it’s your cheat day.

  1. Plov

It is almost unbelievable that plov is a street food, given the fact that it’s quite difficult to eat while on the move. This dish has originated in Uzbekistan and it is basically a type of rice pilaf. The thing about plov is that it has so many ingredients. People usually add tomatoes, onions, peppers, carrots, caraway seeds, parsley, garlic and even fried bits of meat. If you make this at home you should know that it goes great as a side dish for some grilled meat. Throw in a fresh salad, and dinner is ready.



Simple Roof Cleaning Tips


House owners are often not sure what makes roof look to dirty after a while. They also don’t know the proper techniques for an effective roof cleaning. There will be lots of stain and growths on the top of your roof if not cleaned regularly.

So if what are your options if terms of roof cleaning?

The answer is simple… You just have to follow some basic steps for roof cleaning. If your house is in humid area than there is better chance that your roof will have lots of stains and plants growing on it.

If you inspect your roof properly you will see that there are some clean and some dirty spots. The shaded parts of roofs remains mostly in humid condition and gets dirty more often. The dirtiness of the roofs also depends on the roofing materials. If you are using asphalt roof then you will notice many stains on the roof after a while. If your roof or Toit is not getting direct sunlight, it allows the plants to grow in the shaded part. The longer the moisture stays, more the chance of your roof damage. The black algae will grow on the roof and it can also damage the roof.

Now the house owners are often worried whether the stains will damage the roofs. The growing moss can damage your roof up to two layers of shingles. The algae is responsible for eating the surface. Black algae will eat the surface granules and spread all over the roof. So if you allow moss and algae to grow on the top of your roof, the life expectancy of your roof is likely to decrease. The roof of your house will get damaged within a short time if you don’t conduct proper roof cleaning.


There are different options available for you when it comes to roof cleaning. The first option is to replace the entire roof if you have that kind of budget. If the roof is badly damaged, you should entirely replace the roof. You can use specialized roof cleaning materials for the cleaning work. It will keep your roof clean and your roof will get a longer lifespan. Another option is to replace your entire roof if you have that kind of money. It will be costly but your house will look a lot better with a shiny new roof.

There is another option which is to hire a roof cleaning company. The roof cleaning professionals have all the necessary tools which will be needed for roof cleaning. If you want to hire a roof cleaning company you should do some research before hiring one. Hire a company which is operating for a long time in roof cleaning sector. Hiring a roof cleaning company is a safe and effective in every aspect. You can also try to clean the roof if you have that kind of skill. Cleaning roof requires special set of skills and many safety arrangement.



Our First Post

So here it is our first post. We are proud to be announcing this to be the first post on this blog. We are so happy and we want to share this happiness with all our readers.

We want to take the time to properly talk about ourselves, what we do for a living, how we cam about having this blog and and why we even started it in the first place.

So here it is.

We are a couple of room mates living in Toronto the big city of the Canada. We love writing and we both have full time jobs that we like, but we adore writing and talking about stuff!

We had a discussion one day with our friend whom was actually doing some renovations and cleaning for her place and she old us how long it took and her and what she did and how much it cost and we were surprised not to mention shocked!

We asked her why she has not researched the subject before her renovations and why she was not following a blog or someone recommendations and what she told me is she does not know of a good Canadian blog out there. The reason she wanted it to be Canadian is because most USA based blogs tend to be biased towards US companies and ways of working so we decided to change that and provide recommendations for Canadian based companies and Canadian based advise.

And since we love writing and love sharing experiences, we decided to start this blog and see where it goes!

Thats all…

So if you ever want to contact us and express your thoughts on subjects you want us to cover just send us an email at the contact here and learn more about us as well. SO lets gets started on this wonderful journey.